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Daniel and Nephi  by  Chris Heimerdinger

Daniel and Nephi by Chris Heimerdinger
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I just finished this book for the second time. We are reading it for an Enrichment reading group. I like the idea of Daniel and Nephi meeting each other and sharing a story. Until I read this book, it never dawned on me that they lived during the same time period.

It is easy to forget that Nephi and his family left Jerusalem just before the Babylonian occupation.There is a little poem written in this book that I feel applies for us today. Daniel and Nephi go on an adventure, not of their own choosing but because of the wicked forces that are conspiring against Daniel. They come upon a Greek caravan and ask what they could do to repay them for their kindness and help. One of them said Virtue is a thing that none can take away, but money changes owners all the day. We live in a time of greed and low viture. It brings to my mind the importance of living the best that I can, and to be virtuous.

I cant do anything about what others do, and the ecomonic problems, but I can live my life the best that I can and still be happy.

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