The Timely Gift Suzy Stewart Dubot



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The Timely Gift  by  Suzy Stewart Dubot

The Timely Gift by Suzy Stewart Dubot
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The Timely Gift by Suzy Steward DubotThis is a fairly short story but a complete story no less. When at James Myers, Esquires home for a charity, the 4th Viscount Palmer, Ivan, gets up to use the water closet, opens the wrong door and ends up in Elizabeth Denbys bedroom.

Known as Libby by her friends. She was dressed like a strumpet with such a short dressing gown and her shoulders showing as well. After a bit they finally realize all is not right. Somehow he passed from 1818 to 2009. The home is now a museum and Libby overseas it.

And Libby is not a strumpet after all.There are other little tidbits to the story but I dont want to give it away. There is some humor and definitely attraction. This ebook can be downloaded for free off of Suzys website:

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