Yesterdays Lovers (Magnificent Men of Munich, #4) Sloane Taylor


Published: April 5th 2013



Yesterdays Lovers (Magnificent Men of Munich, #4)  by  Sloane Taylor

Yesterdays Lovers (Magnificent Men of Munich, #4) by Sloane Taylor
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Isabella Carrington has everything a pampered heiress wants, except for the most important item - love.No matter how many designer items she buys or men she conquers, Isabella Carrington never seems to find what she’s looking for. When she meets the one man in the world completely unaffected by her charms, she is determined to have him, even if it means a dunk in the Grand Canal.Rhineholdt Hoffman has sworn off women after a destructive relationship alienated him from everyone and everything he loved.

Now on self-imposed exile in Venice, Holt lives a solitary existence until a wild French Canadian shakes the staid accountant to the core and makes him question his beliefs.Issy and Holt are forced to come out of the past and face their future as they set the Venetian nights on fire. Especially after an odd turn of events and an old gypsy have them wondering if they were yesterday’s lovers.

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